Send money in your favorite messenger, create invoices on the fly and use your LikeBank card for everyday purchases in stores and online.

Your bank in messengers

Bank where you are

LikeBank works seamlessly in Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line and Telegram. Switch messengers anytime.
Coming soon in


Google Hangouts


Your voice is my command

Sometimes it's easier to say what you want than to look for the right buttons. LikeBank is ready for voice control.
What's my balance?
Create a sushi bill for $30 and send it to Elliot
Send $50 to Phil
Show me my expenses for November
I want to update my phone number
Google Assistant

we also support voice assistants

Apple Siri
Amazon Alexa
LINE Clova

Sharing is caring

Earn money by inviting friends to join LikeBank, we share our profits with our clients
Give and receive a bonus with new client activation

Get cashback from invited friends purchases

Get bonuses for friends of your friends

Confirm the identity of friends for an extra bonuses


Money requests for everything

Just say "create invoice" to generate instant personal money requests or work-related invoices payable by customer of any bank, not just LikeBank
Сreate invoices with a description and amount

Send a link or show a QR code for payment

Invoice can be paid by card of any bank

Each invoice payment goes with notification

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Magically flexible QR code

Scan a code or show your personal QR. Way faster than entering account number or even a phone numbers.
Invite your friends by QR

Receive transfers and send money with QR

Pay for services and goods


Tap to pay

Add LikeBank card to Apple Wallet, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and make purchases in one tap
Contactless payments available wherever you these symbols
Your card is always on your device

Secure purchases with fingerprint or FaceID


Enhanced security

Our optional app further increases your account security, and adds support of voice assistants and transfers by name
Set transfer amount limits

Confirm transfers by fingerprint or FaceID

Easily configure contactless payments

Scan QR codes and NFC tags


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